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All the insight, analysis, guidance and support you need to get the best out of your team

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What We Do

Fuel People lead successful business transformation programmes and grow operational capability.

Fuel People Power

Customer and Employee Experience

  • Help you to develop a Customer Journey and experience that drives increased sales and retention
  • Invest time in finding ways to proactively understand and manage your customers
  • Provide insight and knowledge to make your experiences stand out from the crowd
Fuel People Power

Transformation and Growth

  • Accelerate change and energise transformation to bring your strategy to life
  • Focus on efficiency and productivity to ensure that you get a good return on investment
  • Enhance your Digital Business capability to meet the growing needs of your sector.
  • Offer resilient results-driven individuals that focus on facilitating the right mindset and behaviours to deliver the experience that your customer’s need.
Fuel People Power

Programme and Operational Management

  • Grow your operational capability and lead successful transformation programmes
  • Create agility and delivery capability that enables you to continue to deliver strategic value in future programmes
  • Provide interim management capability to keep your organisation focused and delivering against objectives and key results
  • Help you to cultivate the right mindset for success throughout your organisation

How We Work

We are passionate about helping you to enable your people to deliver great services and authentic experiences
Fuel People Power


Fuel People Power

Transformation and Growth

Fuel People Power


About Us

Everything we do is focused on building positive relationships that help you to achieve improved business performance all round.

Paul Simpson, owner of Fuel

Fuel provides all the insight, analysis, guidance and support you need to help re-energise your business and get the best out of your team.

Prior to developing the Fuel concept, Paul worked as a senior manager within the financial services industry, where he was responsible for managing customer experience and operational delivery across multiple brands.

It was in these roles that Paul honed his in-depth understanding of the impact that well-motivated and results-focused people can have on an organisation’s overall performance – and the benefits that having great customer and employee experiences can bring to a business.

Since 2005, Paul has run a successful consultancy business enabling organisations to improve their customer experience, drive transformational change and deliver value for money across their business.

Our Team

We have small team of associate consultants who have the skills and experience to help you deliver change and transformation within your business.

We have hands-on experience of working with major Brands and small businesses across the UK, Europe and US.

Paul Simpson

Lynne Simpson
  • Digital Transformation
  • Operational Management
  • Programme and Project Delivery
  • Lean/ Six-Sigma
  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Design Thinking
  • Cost and Growth Management
  • Business Architecture
  • Operating Model
  • Service Excellence


Regardless of your sector or size, we can usually identify at least one way to streamline processes and support people, which will enable them to deliver outstanding service and an exceptional customer experience.

Fuel People Power


  • Digital Transformation
  • Business and Operating Model Design
  • Agile Delivery
Fuel People Power


  • Programme Management
  • Interim and Operational Management
  • Cost and Financial Management
Fuel People Power


  • Customer and Employee Experience design
  • Customer Journey Mapping and Insight
  • Service Design


Our business is all about transforming your business. We know how to help you to reduce costs, increase efficiency or improve productivity – sometimes all three. At Fuel, we pride ourselves on delivering real results.


At Fuel we use People Power to re-energise your business from the inside out. Everything we do is focused on building positive relationships that help you to achieve improved business performance all round.

Online Sales for Automotive sector

Robotic and Business Process Automation for Finance Sector

Digital Transformation in Utilities sector

Global Operating Model Design and Service Definition

Partner Financial Transformation for Finance sector

Business Cost and Growth transformation in Finance sector

Global Portfolio, Product and Services model for B2B

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